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Residential Marketing Lists

Finally! Residential mail and telephone databases you can rely on.

We have just released our NEW 2016 Residential Mail and Telephone database.
Some of our many clients have tested this data for us and the results came back very impressive indeed. From 8000 randomly selected, washed numbers the results were as follows.

  • Disconnected numbers only 2.7%
  • Contact accuracy came back at an impressive 94.8% - That’s means correct name and address.

I am confident that data of this quality is not available anywhere else.
There are over 6.5 million contacts nationwide and the database comes with software which allows you to create area specific lists and export them as spreadsheets for either telemarketing or mail-outs.

A national edition is priced at $995 plus GST. A state edition is $495 plus GST for a limited time only.
We can also supply local lists by suburb or postcode

The cost per thousand addresses is $100 plus GST. This is capped at $595 plus GST up to 25,000 addresses. In other words the most you will pay for your entire local area is $595 plus GST.

Do Not Call washing.
We can also provide numbers washed against the Do Not Call Register for telemarketing with a very fast turnaround with no setup fee, just ask us.


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