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We now offer SMS messaging services for your clients starting from 5c plus GST per message.
Give us a call to see how we can help you stay in touch with your customers.
Advanced bulk SMS messaging platform for mobile engagement.
Enhance customer acquisition, promotions and management.
Manage internal communications with your workforce or subcontractor network

Sending SMS

Bulk SMS messaging to mobile numbers, contact and mailing lists.

  • Contacts – create Contacts and Mailing Lists, import and export contact files directly
  • Sender Name – specify message originator when it is displayed on recipient mobile
  • Recipients – paste mobile numbers, enter individual numbers or upload existing Contacts and Mailing Lists
  • Templates – create predefined messages for various campaigns
  • Custom / Merge Fields – personalize messages when sent to contacts/mailing lists
  • Long Messages – send messages over 500 characters in length. Users get auto notice of length current message and charge structure (1 vs. 2 + messages)
  • Unicode Messages – send multilingual messages. Automatically detects non-standard characters
  • Advanced Scheduling – schedule messages to be sent at a later date/time, specify the time zone/city
  • Slow Send - parameters to manage internal response capacity


Campaign Management

Live Inbox
  • Optout – quickly add a number to the Optout list
  • Chat – quick response to incoming reply messages
  • Search – find incoming messages by mobile number and date range
  • Multi-Inbox – organize incoming messages by routing to different inboxes
  • Optouts (blacklist) – ensure compliance with do not contact list management. If a user tries to send a message to a recipient in the optout list, that recipient will be ignored.
  • Longcode / Shortcode – We offer dedicated and shared numbers for use with incoming messages


History / Reporting
  • Campaign view – lists the recent message batches. Clicking on a batch loads up individual message records
  • Real-time status view – lists individual outgoing messages and displays their current status (i.e. delivery status)
  • Chat - clicking on a single message opens a chat window for quick communication
  • Incoming – an incoming message is associated with a matched outgoing message, allowing viewing in context


Automatic Message Actions

  • Define actions in response to incoming messages based on message content
  • Send SMS Reply
  • Forward to Email
  • Forward to Mobile
  • Optout
  • Add to Mailing List
  • Send to Specific Inbox
  • Post to URL (forward messages to your own system)
    • Triggered SMS – users can set automatic actions to mailing lists for targeted offers around important dates /events
    • Short URL – automatically detect URL’s in messages and replaces them with a shortened version. Users can then download a report showing which recipients clicked on the URL in addition to location and browser/os statistics